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Pre Wedding photographer in Delhi | The Wedding Frames

Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi || The Wedding Frames

In a place like Delhi, changing times also change the expectations from a wedding, and due to this, a new trend has been making the rounds for quite some time now. We are talking about Pre wedding photography. Now, weddings, in general, are fun and joyous events that bring together families and friends. And when a couple ties the knot it is a big moment of celebration for relatives, friends, and families who are cordially invited to witness the beautiful new start of the bride and groom's life as a couple. In order to turn those memories into physical testimonies, a photographer is hired. As the name suggests, the job of a photographer is to capture the whole wedding including the guests, the rituals, the location, the couple, etc. So, where does Pre wedding photography fit in? Or the question should be “Why does anyone need it at all”?

How to hire the best pre wedding photographer in Delhi?

Now that you know why you should hire a pre wedding photographer in Delhi, it all comes down to hiring the best. Delhi is a big city which sees more than a thousand weddings in a month. The fact that the demand for photographers to cover these weddings is so high, makes it hard for one to decide which one to choose. But don’t worry, following these simple set of guidelines will help you in choosing the best pre wedding photographer in Delhi.

- Look for the photographers who specialize in pre wedding photography. This means going through their websites, portfolios, checking reviews, etc.

- Look specifically for the style. Every photographer has a different style which means that you can easily select the one whose style impresses you the most.

- Shortlist the ones you like and arrange meetings. During the meeting, check the personality of the photographer, along with enthusiasm towards your pre wedding photography project.

- Talk about your budget and see if the pre wedding photographer can work with it. If the pre wedding photographer’s fee is higher than anticipated or your allotted budget, ask him to come down to more agreeable terms.

- Last but not least, talk about your expectations from the pre wedding photoshoot. The roles and responsibilities of the photographer should be clarified at the beginning to avoid any future conflict.

Following the above-mentioned guideline will help you in hiring the best pre wedding photographer in Delhi. There are a lot of options available in Delhi from which you can choose from. One thing to keep in mind is that, while hiring a pre wedding photographer, make sure that the same photographer shoots your wedding. This is because the pre wedding photographer in Delhi would be more comfortable with you and vice versa. The only effort you have to put is on searching for the pre wedding photographer part.

But since you are here, we wouldn’t want you to look for a good pre wedding photographer in Delhi from the pool of thousands. So, we would like you to know that we, at The Wedding Frames, provide one of the best pre wedding photography services in Delhi. Our team of professional photographers makes sure that your wedding album turns out to be so amusing that a look at it just takes you back in time and bring the memories of love and intimacy.

We are here to give you a few pointers that will help you understand the ways in which we at The Wedding Frames help you in a Pre Wedding Photoshoot.

1. We make you comfortable in front of the camera - We give the couple a chance to get comfortable with the photographer. This is really important because when the wedding day comes and the photographer has no idea about your best angle or you are not comfortable in front camera then it can have a major impact on your wedding album. Pre Wedding Photography is a great way to experiment with photoshoots and check the potential of the photographer. Also, this helps us as the photographers in identifying what’s expected of us.

2. Help you get to know our capabilities - One of the reasons for people to hire a pre wedding photographer in Delhi is to test the capabilities of the photographer. If the photos from pre wedding photoshoot turn out amazing then you can expect the same for your wedding photos. We as creative wedding photographers in Delhi will always be up for experimenting and find ways to enhance your photoshoot. All this assures you that hiring us was a perfect decision.

3. We let you be you at the Pre Wedding Shoot - During a wedding, most of the attention is on the couple. It may be guests, friends or other relatives, almost everyone is looking at you. This might make you a little uncomfortable and might also ravage the photography experience for you. You can’t really pose the way you want or be who you want. But is Pre Wedding Photoshoot we give our clients full freedom to pose the way they want and be themselves. This is really freeing for the couple.

4. Provide you with some great Pre Wedding Pictures - The fact that pre wedding photographer lets you experiment with your pictures and let you go with for offbeat poses is truly amazing. The photos from your pre wedding photoshoot can be used as a backdrop for your wedding and putting them on display can show the love and affection you share for each other. Moreover, the pictures can turn your beautiful memories into physical testimonies. Those testimonies can then be cherished for years to come.

Why hire The Wedding Frames as the best pre wedding photographer in Delhi?

We at The Wedding Frames make sure that you get the best out of your wedding pictures and your pre wedding photographs only speak of love, care and everything else that you share with your loved one. We are a photography and cinematography team that believes in creating stories that you and your family can contemptuously tell other people for years to come. We have an in-house team of skilled and passion-driven professionals who are amazing in their fields. We know that it is not just the hard work that goes into planning a wedding but also a lot of emotion, and this puts a lot of pressure on us to make the best of the moments that we have. And according to us the most important thing a photographer can capture with a camera is real emotion. And our team of photographers makes this happen every time. This is the thing which makes us the best wedding photographer in Delhi .

According to us, even the smallest of details in a wedding shoot is important so that we can make the most out of the shoot. And we try to capture the real you in the shoot as this is what gives the value to the memory in the photograph. We at The Wedding Frames have experience of more than 20 years and during the course of this time we have shot hundreds of weddings, and this is what makes us one of the best Pre Wedding Photographers in Delhi. And we don't just cover weddings, but also make feature films and documentaries. All this helps us in making your experience of your wedding shoot better. So you can totally rely on us for providing you with the best pre wedding photographer in Delhi.