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Professional Wedding photographers in Delhi | The Wedding Frames

Professional wedding photographers in Delhi

Photography is the immense art of creating a durable set of memories by capturing moments of joy and happiness. Photography is the image captured on paper and stored in albums or nowadays stored in digital memory. Photography in India has evolved a lot in recent years with easy access to advanced photography-related technology. High-resolution cameras, lenses and better photo-editing technologies using software like Adobe lightroom, Skylum Luminar, Adobe Photoshop, and many others have helped create the best professional artwork. And all of this has gradually let to the hike in Demand for professional wedding photography, which has heightened in this age of social media addicted couples.

Wedding in India is the most precise celebration of love and young couples wish to capture every moment of this occasion perfectly. According to the recent survey, marriage celebration in India is about 10 million per year out of which 1% of weddings happen in Delhi alone. Delhi has all the right vibes and options for every kind of couple seeking to celebrate their union in their style and budget. Marriage photography is desired by every couple to carry a memory for a lifetime. Thus, it is important to hire the best Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi to capture the best candid moments of their wedding. Weddings in India are celebrated with classic décor, colors, dance, music, and rituals varying from religion to religion. Capturing the best moments from every type of wedding is indeed a challenging task for a generic wedding photographer but not for Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi.

Some services provided by Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi - People in Delhi want the best wedding album, whether it be to flaunt on social media or to keep with them to relive those memories even after many years. And many people want to know what all services Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi provide.

Pre Wedding Photography - It is also known as an engagement shoot. People usually get this 3-4 months before their wedding. The point of these shoots is to make the couple comfortable with each other. Once the couple is comfortable with each other this will help them with the pictures on the wedding day. By this, the couple also gets to under the style of the wedding photographers, like if the photographer and the couple are on the same page or not. And if the photography is working for the couple or not. These are some little things that you need to consider while getting a pre wedding shoot from Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi.

Pre Wedding Cinematography - These are the heartwarming videos of the couple on their Pre Wedding. One might think the photos are enough but no. These videos double the charm of the Pre Wedding. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words than can you tell how much words is a video worth? These videos make people realize that the couple is made for each other. This is just like a music video where the couple is the stars.

Save The Date Videos - These are short creative videos couples put out to let other people know about the date of the actual wedding. There can be custom props like cheesy pluck cards and other stuff which has all the stuff written on them like the couple's name and the wedding date.

Still Wedding Photography - This is the most common kind of photography we know. This is what we have seen through the generations. And now this tradition has seen some trends. People are trying all sorts of new things with their wedding shoots and some of them are given below.

Destination Wedding Photography - The whole point of a Destination Wedding is to go far away from your hometown with all the close friends and family to get married in the most memorable way possible. People might argue that these weddings are expensive and they cost a fortune to execute, but that is not the case. These weddings are not like others. These are intimate and exclusive hence they cost just as much a traditional wedding with a lot of people. You can decide whether you would like to get married in a hotel or at a beach with the wind in your hair and the sand at your feet.

Candid Wedding Photography - This is a very special aspect of wedding photography as the pictures taken by the candid wedding photographers in Delhi in these photoshoots are 100% natural and authentic. People love the vie that the candid photos have. In this, the couple is engaged in a task or an activity, and when they are not aware of their surroundings the photographer takes advantage of the golden moments by capturing the moment with the camera. As the couple doesn't know when they are being clicked then there is no posed aspect to the images.

Wedding Cinematography - These are videos for the whole wedding ceremony. But these are not the videography that we see of the wedding of our parents or grandparents. This videography has turned into cinematography and is very different from it. Now with a high tech camera and new technology equipment, the wedding cinematography looks amazing. We now have different aspect ratios to make it look more like a Hollywood movie if we want. And you can also choose to get slo-mo videos of some special moments.

Teaser Videos - This is the short video that the couple release on social media before the actual wedding video. These videos usually cover ceremonies like Mehendi and Haldi.

So after knowing about all the wedding services that are provided by the Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi you must be thinking where can you find the best Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi. But don't worry. We are here to help you. Choosing the best from all the Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi is like searching for a needle in a haystack. hence we recommend The Wedding Frames.

Why The Wedding Frames are among the best Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi?

The Wedding Frames team is among the professional wedding photographers in Delhi NCR. We have been in the wedding photography industry for the past 15 years now, and thus are well aware of the cultural norms for each type of wedding that happens in Delhi. Our team of best wedding photographers in Delhi is well familiar with a disparate concern related to an event as nostalgic as marriage. We strongly believe in sharing your wedding story through the power of our lens making you the celebrity of your wedding. We have worked in 18 countries to serve every kind of couples exchanging their marital vows and create their wedding story through our candid wedding photography and cinematography services. The Wedding Frames has also been associated with business, TV, and film production houses, such as Balaji Telefilms, Colors and Star Plus, etc bringing professionalism and excellence in the work that we deliver to our clients. Our team understands client needs, family values and the last-minute hiccups that happen in every wedding to ensure we don’t miss out on any rituals and maintain coordination between both bride and groom families. Our squad of professional wedding photographers in Delhi promises you par excellence in capturing the precious moments of your life to last a lifetime.